About me

Hola! my name is Antoine. I currently live in Montreal, Canada and work at PNR, a boutique management consulting firm specialized in corporate strategy and M&A for technology companies. In my free time, I love to cook, explore musical subgenres, play hockey, spend time at the gym and read on a wide range of topics.

My life mission is upskilling/empowering people to reach their full potential. That is why my main interests are the future of work, B2B software, thinking tools and complex systems. While you are reading this, here's a short list of what I am currently obsessing about:

  • Ramen, tacos
  • Pinot noir, whisky
Health, inner wellbeing, nutrition and fitness
  • Low carb, keto diet
  • Training like a sprinter
  • Definition of the Self and consciousness
  • Japanese jazz and the state of jazz
  • Psyche pop and surf rock
  • Motown and neo-soul
Thinking tools
  • Mental models integration in decision making and daily life
  • System 1, System 2 and ways to improve System 1
Future of work
  • Road ahead for B2B software
  • Productivity and information theory in the era of abundance
Complex systems
  • City infrastructure, transportation and urban planning
  • Business strategy and management