About me

👋, my name is Antoine. I currently live in Montreal, Canada and work at PNR, a boutique management consulting firm specialized in corporate strategy and M&A for technology companies. In my free time, I love to cook, explore musical subgenres, play hockey, spend time at the gym and read on a wide range of topics.
My life mission is upskilling/empowering people to reach their full potential. That is why my main interests are the future of work, B2B software, thinking tools and complex systems.
I might write a longer biography, or not. I think it's interesting to know where people come from.
A short list of what I am currently obsessing about:
  • Cooking
    • Ramen, tacos
    • Pinot noir, whisky
  • Health, inner wellbeing, nutrition and fitness
    • Slow carb, keto diet,
    • Training like a sprinter
    • Definition of the Self and consciousness
  • Music
    • Japanese jazz and the state of jazz
    • Psyche pop and surf rock
    • Motown and neo-soul
  • Thinking tools
    • Mental models integration in decision making and daily life
    • System 1, System 2 and ways to improve System 1
  • Future of work
    • Road ahead for B2B software
    • Productivity and information theory in the era of abundance
  • Complex systems
    • City infrastructure, transportation and urban planning
    • Business strategy and management