Roundabout Highlights - Week of May 21st

A copy of Tim Ferriss 5-Bullet Friday, a weekly list of what I'm doing, enjoying or pondering.

What I'm listening
Baby Driver: Music From The Motion Picture
I watched Baby Driver on my flight back home from Los Angeles and I can't stop listening to the soundtrack. Baby Driver is the story of a talented, young getaway driver who relies on the beat of his personal soundtrack to be the best in the game. The soundtrack is well balanced and has a mix of jazz, motown, disco, and classic rock.

What I'm experimenting with
Keto diet! Following my trip to LA, I decided to lose 20 pounds and reduce my body fat to 13%.
At the beginning of the week, my measurements were:
  • Weight: 200.4 lb
  • Body water: 51.8%
  • Body fat: 24.4%
  • Bone: 7.6 lb
  • BMI: 30.7
  • Visceral Fat: 9.0
  • BMR: 2813 kcal
  • Muscle Mass: 144.0lb

At the end of the week, my measurements were:
  • Weight: 195.8 lb
  • Body water: 52.2%
  • Body fat: 24.0%
  • Bone: 7.4 lb
  • BMI: 30.0
  • Visceral Fat: 9.0
  • BMR: 2766 kcal
  • Muscle Mass: 141.6lb

I try to target ~70% fat, ~25% protein and ~5% carbs. Obviously, I never get to these specific numbers, but I'm within 5%, which is fine. The hardest was dropping alcohol, I had an habit of taking 2-3 glasses of wine, a glass of scotch/whisky, and sometimes a beer. I measure everything with Samsung Health and when you start measuring, it's like, holy shit, it's so easy to get an insane amount of carbs and go over the calorie deficit you should have when you want to lose weight. I'm a bit freaking out at the ~3lb of muscle mass I loss, but I guess it will stabilize.
I did not experience keto flu, nor do I have sugar/carbs cravings which is great. To make it easier to stick to the plan, I went less to the restaurant this week and did a big meal preparation composed of an egg salad, pork chop in Dijon sauce, asparagus, steak cooked with butter and a big green leaf salad with spinach, arugula, celery, mushrooms, green pepper and broccoli. That prep should last me an other week or so. If needed, I will usually take a protein shake to balance the macros.

What I'm working on
On a personal basis, I'm working on updating this website hehe. More seriously, I'm completing the BASB online class. I'm 70% there and have the right infrastructure in place, but still need to work on achieving the expert level. BASB has been really helpful on how to think about daily productivity and how to organize the information considering that I'm a knowledge worker and don't always need the information at the same time I consume it.
On a professional level, I have worked on some pretty exciting mandates: strategic planning for a local newspaper, a reorg and helping a large manufacturer bridging the gap between their business strategy and IoT strategy.

What I'm reading
It's been crazy at work this week, so did not read much. A burglar broke into our house while we were asleep, stole my laptop and the laptop of my roommate. Quite impressive, considering the door was locked, we were in the house and my laptop was hidden in a desk... I looked around for what motivates burglar and the type of technology they use. Apparently, thieves can now use devices that detect communications spectra computers give off such as Bluetooth, Wifi, etc. More in this article.

Quote I'm pondering
"To venture causes anxiety, but not to venture is to lose one’s self...and to venture in the highest sense is precisely to become conscious of one’s self."
- Søren Kierkegaard