Roundabout Highlights - Week of May 28th

What I'm listening
Psyche Pop & Surf Rock
I could put this playlist on repeat and just listen to it for the rest of my life.

Surprising fact I learned
"HVAC is now responsible for approximately 60% of the energy consumed in buildings ranging from domestic through to large commercial and industrial buildings" - 2017 AIRAH Conference, Using IoT and Cloud Based Analytics to Maximise HVAC Efficiency and Occupant Comfort and Safety
Giving the large consumption of energy by HVAC systems, manufacturers have been very aggressive in integrating sensors in their devices.

What I'm experimenting with
Week 2 of Keto was tougher than what I expected. Hard to say no to friends (and alcohol) for social gatherings. Also suffered from bad planning since I worked during the weekend and late all nights.
Food you find at restaurants are usually full of carbs or you need to stick to the salad. Metrics are flat if you compare to last week, but I have less energy, so it's harder to train and have a proper recovery.
I reflected on this failure and think I have shortcuts to make sure it does not reproduce. I also feel like shit after taking alcohol, so I might just end up sober hehe!

What I'm reading
I read How Should We Live? from Roman Krznaric. Krznaric wrote about what people used to think and how they used to live about different topics such as love, time, family, empathy, etc.
The book is interesting, but the main thought I got from it is, what if we over-indexed some ideas from the early/mid 20th century because mass media allowed them to spread massively for the first time.
As such, these ideas would have ossified more than they should have in the collective thought and now they are harder to change, even though they have little historical importance.

Event I attended
My friends organized an event called La Nuit de l'Art. The concept is simple, you wander from apartment to apartment in the city of Montreal and in each apartment, there is someone exposing their work of art.
It can be music, poetry, visual arts, etc. I particularly enjoyed the concert from Aquarius Dreams, outdoor, in the backyard of a nice little house in the Mile End.